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Dear Customer,

The ZFx86 BIOS is restricted to ZF Micro Solutions customers. If you are a ZF Micro Solutions direct customer or have purchased the ZFx86 from an authorized ZF Micro distributor or manufacturer's representative and you need a BIOS image, please contact ZF Micro Solutions at support@zfmicro.com. If you have obtained a ZFx86 chip (whether called a ZFx86 or an NSC2010) from any source other than ZF Micro or one of its authorized representatives you may not use the ZF Micro Solutions BIOS until you have contacted ZF Micro and arranged to purchase legal BIOS licenses.

How to Get Technical Assistance
Customers can contact Customer Support through any of the methods listed below:

  3 easy ways to reach ZF Micro Technical Support

Call Center: To receive technical support by phone, call 1.650.846.6500 between 08:00 and 18:00 PST.

E-mail:  support@zfmicro.com
Web:  Technical Support Form






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