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ZF Micro Devices Announces Family of Comprehensive Reference Designs For use With ZFx86 PC-on-a-Chip
Targeted initially at Internet Appliances, Networking and Storage applications, ZF is providing an expanding range of comprehensive royalty free Open Source reference designs.

Palo Alto, CA, April 10, 2001

ZFMicro Devices, Inc, today announced the availability of an expanding range of reference designs that will provide customers with the ability to dramatically reduce time to market and development costs using the ultra-low power (< 1/2 W @ 100MHz) ZFx86 PC-on-a-Chip. ZF’s customers can now concentrate on their own innovations and still bring their products to market in record breaking time.

“The pressure is on for companies to demonstrate real profit by delivering real products that meet or exceed market needs. It’s well understood that getting to market early allows companies to capture a higher proportion of the available profit, and it’s that aspect we’re really focusing on” said David Feldman, President and CEO of ZF Micro Devices. “By providing customers with proven reference designs, including basic operating firmware and software, we give our customers tremendous leverage to leapfrog their competition.▓”

The designs are based on ZF’s ZFx86 PC-on-a-Chip which measures only 35mm by 35mm and is bundled with a software suite that includes a fully implemented PhoenixBIOS™ from Phoenix Technology and a choice of a customized Linux implementation or the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). Every ZFx86 Integrated Development System includes Red Hat Linux 6.2 and LynuxWorks BlueCat™ Linux and the LynuxWorks™ development tools for creating compact custom Linux embedded applications. Including the software with the chip means OEMs no longer have to pay costly license fees or go through the expensive and time-consuming requirement of porting third party software and searching for unique peripheral drivers.

ZFx86, with the FailSafe™ System is the only X86 PC-on-a-Chip that boots autonomously on application of power and can operate even if system DRAM and Flash are unavailable. The groundbreaking crash-immune PC-on-a-Chip is the only device available that ensures successful on-line software upgrades. The patented FailSafe™ System allows upgrades over the Internet, while eliminating the possibility of irrecoverable crashes and using its proprietary Z-tag™ interface, the ZFx86 can re-program system Flash at a quick 2M-bits per second, rather than the usual 19.6Kbaud, reducing potential downtime dramatically. │The market’s need for a familiar human-machine interface has increased the need for a true x86 PC-on-a-Chip, especially for mobile applications such as transport tracking systems, digital cameras and palm size devices▓ stated Feldman.

The ZFx86 is targeted to be a key enabling technology embedded applications by providing PC system functionality at a chip-level size and price and is available from distributor stock on a world wide basis at around $60 in low volume. Visit www.zfmicro.com for details of local distributors.

About ZF Micro Devices
ZF Micro Devices has pioneered FailSafe systems in embedded applications since its founding as ZF MicroSystems in 1995. Its products are the most highly integrated, PC-compatible control systems in the industry.

ZF Micro Devices Corporate Headquarters: 1052 Elwell Court, Palo Alto, CA 94303 USA —Toll Free: 1.800.683.5943 —Direct: 650.965.3800 — Fax: 650-965-4050 — E-mail: info@zfmicro.com— Web: www.zfmicro.com | European Headquarters: 30 Rue du Morvan, Silic 558, 94643 Rungis, C╦dex, France — Tel: 33.(O)141.80.0410 | Fax: 33.(0)141.80.0411 | South American Sales Office: Prometeo 3036, Buenas Aires, Argentina — Tel/Fax: +54.1.544.4033