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     ZFx86 Easy Embedded PC&trade Reference Design

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ZFx86™ Reference Design Overview
EEPC™ Open Source Embedded PC Reference Design Datasheet (PDF).



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EEPC™ Open Source Embedded PC Reference Design
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A Complete Network-ready Embedded System Computer Based On the ZFx86™

The EEPC™ Open Source Embedded PC Reference Design is a network and video-ready, full-function evaluation system. The board features the ZFx86 PC-on-a-Chip, a Silicon Motion SM712 display controller and RealTek 10/100Base-T Ethernet controller to create an evaluation environment that allows the OEM designer to immediately begin testing the ZFx86 processor with proprietary hardware and software.

Just adapt the layout to your space and feature requirements and you can be shipping product in record time. All components were selected for easy sourcing and availability of software drivers. The design is based on the FailSafe® ZFx86 PC-on-a-chip, the only SOC that has an internal BIOS Update ROM that ensures your system will always be accessible, even if all Flash memory has been corrupted. The design also includes a fully implemented BIOS with free license to further shorten time-to-market and reduce cost and risk. ZF’s design files, design guides and parts kits enable you to do it yourself.

486 CPU, Graphics and Ethernet Controllers – entire design can be Powered Over Ethernet.
The EEPC was designed expressly for embedded applications with the most commonly used set of I/O, memory and traditional X86 PC functionality. It is the quickest way to create successful and reliable OEM products.

The EEPC incorporates all the features of a 486 PC including the most common peripherals in an easy to implement, ready to manufacture design. Ease of programming and reliable operation in embedded environments were the guiding factors in the design process.

Ultra-low Power Requirement
At less than 5W with the ZFx86 running at 100MHz the EEPC is ideal where low power is required for long battery life or harsh environments where airflow for heat dissipation is restricted and heatsinks and fans are unacceptable.

Lowest BOM Cost
Of prime importance in the design of any OEM product is the overall system cost in production. Created specifically to be cost-effective, the EEPC can be manufactured in 10K annual quantities for $100. No other design with as complete a feature list can be produced at a lower total bill of materials cost.

Long Product Life
Components were selected from manufacturers agreeing to make functionally pin compatible devices available for long life cycle embedded applications. Your EEPC based product will be stable, reliable and suited to the needs of embedded control markets over an extended lifetime.