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ZFx86™ PC-on-a-Chip ... a dream realized.

In 1990, I conceived the concept for the embedded PC/104 standard. I had hoped that it would enable me to bring a complete, embedded 8088 based PC to the market for less than $100. The PC/104 architecture turned out to be too expensive to allow that. In 1995, I left Ampro Computers, the company I had founded in 1983, to start ZF Micro, determined to make that dream a reality.

In 2000 ZF Micro began shipping the world's first and only FailSafe® x86 PC-on-a-Chip - The ZFx86™.

This unique 35mm square single chip contains the full functionality of a single board computer in a 388BGA package. Its FailSafe® system architecture is crash immune and is the only System-on-a-Chip that came complete with a full Embedded BIOS and a choice of operating systems.

Why did I start this company?

I founded ZF Micro because I wanted to build a great company, producing innovative products that would make a difference in people's lives. The Internet is changing the way the world communicates. I believe that the unique architecture of the ZFx86™ PC-on-a-Chip made possible many products never before achievable. It could have enabled the creation of products that might have helped bring the world together through the Internet at every strata of society. We designed the ZFx86™ to incorporate the lowest system cost, highest reliability, and an unprecedented level of integration in a single device that would also be environmentally sensible.

A Dream Rekindled

Now, having resolved the dispute with National Semiconductor, ZF Micro has a second opportunity to realize the dream of bringing reliable cost effective computing solutions to applications previously unable to employ this level of computing power and reliability. We will rebuild our organization and once again have a hard working team of dedicated individuals ready to assist companies across the globe create world-changing products.

David L. Feldman
David L. Feldman
Chairman & CEO